About Us

Who we are

art by Alex’s Assets

We are a lot of things, but first and foremost, we are gamers. We cut our teeth on Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as kids and have kept playing since. We’re currently playing games Ikenfell, Hades and Scourgebringer and are excited for games like Eastward, Kingdoms of the Dump, and AC: Valhalla.

But, to paraphrase Walt Whitman, we contain multitudes. In addition to gaming, we love to read. We have a PhD in hispanic literary studies and have extensively studied books, poems, plays, essays, and everything in between (including video games) that has been produced throughout the Spanish-speaking world. We bring all of the academic skills we’ve leveled up to Axolotl Translation Services.

art by Alex’s Assets

Our translation skills come from literary translation. This is how we’re different. We understand how art operates and expertly understand literary conventions and storytelling. We combine this with our expert localization skills and offer your game the same unique experience in Spanish.

Our Philosophy (Why we picked the axolotl)

Few animals get a reaction like the axolotl. Native to Mexico, it has a strange, science-fiction charm, endearing to some and the stuff of nightmares to others. The axolotl embodies transformation and adaptation, a perfect fit for a translation company’s mascot.

The Axolotl and Video Games

Given our background in hispanic literary studies, we thought of the short story from famed Argentine author Julio Cortázar, Axolotl, when we chose our company’s name. In the piece, a man visits the Le Jardin des Plantes in Paris to spend hours watching axolotl. He is so immersed in the animal to the point of (spoilers) possibly switching bodies with it. We know that video games aim to immerse players in the game’s world and we see that reflected in Cortázar’s story as well as in our translation philosophy. As life-long readers and gamers, we blend our love for immersion in literature and video games in translation.

The Axolotl and Localization

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When the Spanish colonizers arrived, they did not have a word in their native language for axolotl and adopted the Nahuatl name. In localization, direct equivalents can be elusive. Our team at Axolotl Translation Services is equipped to handle difficult localization scenarios with accuracy and tact and we use the word axolotl as a reminder of the nuances of language. We approach complicated and culturally sensitive texts ready to convey the original artistic meaning of the source text.